Hej, nice to meet you!

In 2019 Katharina founded Teepee Talks with the goal to enable human relationships at workplaces.

Teepee Talks works as a trusted counselor & coach for human relationship design and for all kinds of team and pair constellations at the workplace. My expertise lies in building fast paced environments due to former strategic people & culture functions with a strong business acumen.

I work with my clients at the organization level to improve their way of human relationships at work  on an strategical level, and at the individual level to improve resilience, stress and the ability for self-reflection, as well as leadership teams to help them building a fearless culture. 

I understand what we do as an ongoing learning experience and highly believe in the power of co-creation and collaboration. My vision is building human-relations-driven cultures as the key to long-term personal and business success.

Let us start talking teepee together!