Organizations are complex systems.   

Let us help yours to get to a next level of performance through self-reflection, resilience and trustworthy relationships. 

What makes us different?

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Teepee Talks helps to change how human relationship at work works. I support your Founder, Leadership and People & Culture team by emphasizing a trustworthy culture and provoke conversations about fearless workplaces, self-responsible teams and leadership enablement. I offer counseling for peers and pairs and coaching on an individual level. I work on the basis of trust, relationships and communication with our clients, with a clear approach on culture and relationship-centricity as a driver for business success. 

I understand where your business is today and what needs to be delivered to drive change. Regardless if your need is around agile for non-tech teams, people's strategy, talent architecture and organizational design. 

I experienced that lasting change requires changing individuals, teams, and the systems relationships that shape how they interact. Throughout all our engagements my aim is the same: I help people leaders to build organizations with the capacity to sense and adapt to change through trustful and engaged employees who are fostering your companies culture. 

How it works?

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I offer remote or in-person counseling. For a 21st century organization experience. First, I validate, design and then execute with coaching and counseling, often as part of internal performance, retention or organization development programs. There, I focus on the human relationship behavior at work, the individual situation, the organization and the interaction between individuals and teams. 

I also deliver workshops and consult individually on People & Culture topics. Through difficult conversations I provoke small steps leading to big changes which will resonate across your business.

Who is my client?

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My approach works for all forms of organizations. My clients come from Startups, Grownups and SMEs with different backgrounds. Starting with Leadership and Founder, People & Culture, Tech or Sales Teams. I also counsel during Due Diligence or Seed Rounds between the Startup Founders and Venture Capitalist & Venture Builder,  who sometimes struggling to work and communicate in a solution-oriented way with each other.